Autonomous flight technology for unmanned aircraft.

Our software integrates sensors and maps with onboard flight control systems to allow regional aircraft to navigate, take off and land safer than ever before.

Autonomous Xwing Plane
"A novel strategy to create planes that can fly themselves"
The Wall Street Journal
"This plane flies itself"
"Autonomous flight technology pioneer, taking a leap forward"
Aviation International News
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Kirsten Bartok
Managing Director
High Lift Capital
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John Collison
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Patrick Collison
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Nat Friedman

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Xwing’s team is made up of experts in aerospace, software and autonomous technology, led by repeat entrepreneur, founder and CEO, Marc Piette and CTO, Maxime Gariel.

The company is partnering with a leading aerospace manufacturer, and is working closely with the FAA, NASA and Bell.

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We are excited to explore partnership opportunities at different levels. If you have regional air cargo needs, we are launching our service soon. Please do reach out. Otherwise, we are also interested in hearing from you if you develop avionics for aircraft (sensors, certified computers, communication equipment etc.), or if you are an academic institution doing research on certifiable autonomy for aviation.

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